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Your marketing success depends upon how creative you have been with your ideas. You might have had a long history as compared to your competitors and even a better project, but if your promotional ideas are unexciting, people are simply going to ignore them. What will set you apart from the rest of the crowd is how creatively you represent your idea to the audience. Not only will this help you outwit your competition, but it will also make a striking mark on your target audience.

Now that you know where to start, all you have to do is be more creative. But, you just can’t force creativity to come out of the blue and serve itself to you on a silver platter. You’ll have to sit in a quiet place and think really hard for ideas to strike your mind or you can even go out, get inspired by your surroundings and come up with something appealing. Nonetheless, if you are finding it difficult and are running out of time, then you can read the tips given below to help you come up with a bang on idea. So, let’s begin!

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You don’t have to always follow those industry specific standards in order to create advertising campaigns. You can simply take a look at everything that’s going on in the market. The more you know about what’s happening in the business world, the more out of the box ideas you will be able to incorporate in your campaigns. Break them rules, go out of your way and come up with something really appealing.

Well, you shouldn’t be copying other companies’ campaigns. In fact, what you can do is get inspired by those campaigns, make some modifications here and there and voila! You never know you might even come up with a better campaign than the original one. The wisdom here is not to be limited to your industry specific norms; look outside and you will get more ideas.

Keep an eye on your competition
You might have certainly come across the saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!” That being said, you must always keep an eye on your competitors because they too have similar goals and share the same target audience as you do.

You’ve also got to watch out on various factors, such as “How are they generating hype?”, “How people react to their campaigns?”, “How can you take an inspiration from their campaign?” etc. Don’t forget to sit with your team and have a brainstorming session over a hot cup of coffee in the morning. This way you can always come up with a better counterstrategy and stay ahead of competition.

Does the idea fascinate you?
Many marketers fail to grab the market by always thinking about what their audience might be interested in and lose the golden opportunity of making an impression on their minds. Now, though you might not fit in the criteria of your company’s target audience, you can’t neglect your own perspective of what you think about the idea. If it fascinates you, then it will definitely captivate someone else too.

For example, do you remember the promotional pens TV commercial that was running in your head for the longest time? If yes, ask yourself why did it strike you so hard? Was it the colour, the concept or the emotions? Think how you can introduce these elements into your next campaign and make it more unique.

Talk to people
Don’t get crumbled up by taking the entire burden of creativity on your shoulders. You might have an amazing marketing team within your organisation who you can discuss your ideas with. So, even if you have one or don’t, talk to your team for they will surely help you out. Unfortunately, if none of them seem to have an idea, you can always call that funny friend of yours, even if he works in a different field. Explain him the idea and hear out his suggestions. Trust us, talking to people does help you come up with more creative ideas and relieves you off your stress.

Now, all ideas that you come up with won’t sound interesting at all, but you know what… it has always been crazy ideas that changed the world – the one no one could ever think of!

So, keep them with you no matter how stupid they sound and tinker with them here and there to see when and how you can introduce them to optimise your campaign. We hope the above given tips help you come up with some creative ideas for your next campaign. Good luck!

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