GRP Pipes

Why Spend More? When Safety and Efficiency are Easy With GRP Pipes?

One of the largest use of polymer composites in the country is in the form of GRP/ FRP pipes. What are these and why are these so popular? Let us check out. What are GRP pipes…

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FRP Tank Cleaning

FRP Tank Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

FRP or fibre-reinforced plastic is a material that is commonly used in the manufacturing of various chemical plant equipment such as tanks and vessels. It is also used in industries such as wood, pulp and paper,…

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Carbonated Drinks

The Process and Technology behind Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks or soft drinks are made up of ingredients like water, carbon dioxide, sugar or artificial sweetener, and flavor. The process of manufacturing carbonated drinks is a systematic procedure involving five major steps. The biggest…

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Marine Casting

How and Where Are Marine Castings Used?

Casting has a great role to play in the mechanical field. Innumerable metals are cast to obtain the required products. These casts are widely used in industries. The marine industry is no different from them. The…

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Pigment Supplier

How To Select The Right Pigment Supplier

We live in a colourful world. While mother nature herself has painted our world in strokes of brilliant colours, we human beings have also done our best to continue this legacy with our clothes and possessions….

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Transformer Oil Filtration

Why Transformer Oil Filtration is an Essential Part of Production

Transformer Oil is an important fluid part used in a transformer. It functions as a coolant and insulating material to cool down the heat generated in a transformer as well as to insulate the primary winding…

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Powder Coating Oven

Things To Avoid With Your Powder Coating Oven

As compared to other conventional paints, powder coatings are composed of no solvents and contain a balanced mixture of pigments, extenders, reactive polymers, curing agents, and additives. Such a composition makes them highly volatile and prone…

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