What is Significant? College Education or College Degree?

college student

What do students expect in return for the money that they pay for college? Do they expect a degree or education?If you gather group of college professors from any discipline and in any part of the country, they will tell you that students value their degree more than their education. College professors count on the following question to find interest of students for education:

What grade do you need to earn on your next assessment in order to have a grade of “X” in the course? According to Mathematics professor, this question is disturbing for students, because it requires mathematical skills by students.

Students enrolled in Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics should know what mathematical skills are required to answer this question. Another disturbing factor to answer such question is that students must know the minimum performance to achieve the desired grade. It seems that the degree (end result) is more valuable than education (journey).

Will it matter if the student know the grade that he need to earn on the next test in order to make an A grade in a course?Will knowing the answer to this question affect performance of the student?First of all, if student is confident what he can achieve, then he will not like to prepare for the assessment. Secondly, if students feel required performance is less than what he can achieve, then he will also not prepare for the assessment. Finally, if a student think that he can acquire the desired grade with plausible amount of preparation, then he may prepare for the assessment.

Full-time college students have to manage their time and resources between multiple courses, hence it is logical to conclude that each course may not receive the same level of attention by full-time college students.Having knowledge of the required effort for a particular assessment may affect the amount of time spent preparing for each course by students; however, determining the minimum preparation for each course is an intricate problem.

It is hard to find out the minimum effort required to please parents with good grade or pass courses so that students do not need to retake them. Therefore, a relevant question that students should be asking themselves is: Is the grade in a course leading to a degree, less or more significant than the knowledge acquired from the course, leading to education? If students have short term goal, then they will prefer degree over education; however, if students have long term goal, then they will prefer education above degree.

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