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Power Transformers

Transformer makers define this device as a static machine that is used for transforming electricity from one circuit to another without making any changes to the frequency. As there is no rotary part in the transformer, it is known as static device. This device is operated on AC supply and its working principal is mutual induction.

Transformer history
For transformer history, we need to go back in the 1880s. It is around 50 years before that in 1830 property of induction was discovered. After time, engineers enhanced the design of the transformer and made it more efficient and lesser space taking device. Gradually, bulk capacity transformers in the range of several KVA, MVA are made. And in the 1950, 400KV power transformer was launched in high voltage electrical power system.

Uses of the transformer
Electrical power generation in low voltage is very cost effective thing. This low voltage level power can be conveyed to the retrieving end. When this low voltage power is transmitted, it results in greater line current that causes more line losses.

When the voltage level of a power is increased, the power current gets reduced that further leds to reduction in ohmic or I²R losses in the system, reduction in capital cost of the system. It also enhances the voltage regulation of the machine. Due to this, low level power need to be stepped up for efficient transmission of electrical power. This is performed with step up transformers.

The high voltage power supplied by the step up transformer may not be distributed to the consumers directly as this has to be stepped down to the certain level at the retrieving end using step down transformer. Thus, electrical power transformer plays critical role in transmission of power electricity.

Double winding transformers are specifically used where high voltage and low voltage ratio is greater than 2. It is cost effective to apply auto transformer where the ratio between low voltage and high voltage is less than 2. Also, manufacturers and suppliers of power transformers suggest using single unit three phase systems for more cost effective results.

However, transportation and maintenance service for three phase transformer is difficult than other power transformers.

A lot of power transformers exporters are offering their product ranges throughout the globe. You can search them online and contact and share your requirements. They are also providing best custom designs at reasonable rates.

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