Pigment Supplier

How To Select The Right Pigment Supplier

We live in a colourful world. While mother nature herself has painted our world in strokes of brilliant colours, we human beings have also done our best to continue this legacy with our clothes and possessions….

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Common Auto Parts

What are The Most Common Auto Parts and Their Functions?

Since the advent of the technological revolution, there has been barely any member of the present generation who is not acquainted with the mechanical abilities of automobiles. As much as natural instinct dictates, ever since newer…

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Transformer Oil Filtration

Why Transformer Oil Filtration is an Essential Part of Production

Transformer Oil is an important fluid part used in a transformer. It functions as a coolant and insulating material to cool down the heat generated in a transformer as well as to insulate the primary winding…

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Human Health

How Magnesium Citrate ANHYD is Beneficial for Human Health

Magnesium is an element that is present in the cells of the human inside the body. It serves many functions in the body cells. It can be found in various forms such as magnesium chloride, magnesite,…

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Powder Coating Oven

Things To Avoid With Your Powder Coating Oven

As compared to other conventional paints, powder coatings are composed of no solvents and contain a balanced mixture of pigments, extenders, reactive polymers, curing agents, and additives. Such a composition makes them highly volatile and prone…

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Power Transformers

Exporters Defining and Categorizing Power Transformers

Transformer makers define this device as a static machine that is used for transforming electricity from one circuit to another without making any changes to the frequency. As there is no rotary part in the transformer,…

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Sore Throat Treatment

How are Lozenges Used in Treatment of Sore Throat?

A sore throat is a form of illness that not only irritates the throat, but can also produce discomfort during sleeping, breathing, and swallowing. It is commonly caused by the inflammation of the pharynx due to…

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