Things To Avoid With Your Powder Coating Oven

Powder Coating Oven

As compared to other conventional paints, powder coatings are composed of no solvents and contain a balanced mixture of pigments, extenders, reactive polymers, curing agents, and additives. Such a composition makes them highly volatile and prone to explosions, fire, and health hazards. This is why they pose considerable risks on the lives of the workmen dealing with the same.

From manufacturing them at industries to their application in the public/corporate sphere, they must be dealt with appropriately. Keeping their hazards in mind, powder coating ovens suppliers publish a number of manuals for workmen to read and follow. The major instructions enumerated in all of these guidebooks are as follows:

If Available, Turn on the Exhaust Fumes of Oven
The raw materials used in the manufacturing of powder coatings are quite harmful in themselves if they are inhaled at a significantly high rate. They increase the amount of toxicity in blood and damage the lungs, even though their effect on the skin is barely visible. To save oneself from the health hazards that entail inhaling powder coatings, it must be ensured that the exhaust fumes of the ovens are turned on before the beginning of the heating treatment. The “dust and fumes suspended in the working atmosphere during the process would thereby be transported to a safe distance away from the personnel.

Interlocking Electrical Wire for Preventing Overheating and Short Circuits
The common damages incurred across different industries are more often than not due to poor electrical connections than faults in the machine designed by powder coating oven suppliers. Hence, it is advised for industries (especially those using radiant heat sources) to install an interlock in the connection of energy source to the oven. It would reduce or shut down the machine in situations where it exceeds its normal temperature range. An active interlocking can also prevent risks of fire and explosion which are common during heavy workloads.

Prevents Pressure Building in Working Ovens
Powder coating ovens use a number of fuels as its energy source, of which gas and oil are the most common. However, they entail yet another safety direction. All oven using gas and oil must be equipped with explosion relief panels that can control the amount of pressure building up in the oven’s chamber. Ideally, they must be located far enough from the most densely populated areas of the industry, so as to cause no harm to human life in case the fume pressure increases to dangerous levels.

Schedule Regular Oven Inspection
Powder coating ovens suppliers often note that poor maintenance of ovens can lead to the degradation of their quality over time. Successive negligence of oven parts and replacements of its affected components can increase the risk of a total breakdown. Companies must schedule a periodical clean up and inspection of the oven, right from its internal to its external parts. Its condition and health can boost up its productivity as well.

Avoid Eating or Drinking Near the Oven
Despite all the above-mentioned precautions, there may be instances where the dust and fumes from the powder coating oven may be diffused in the atmosphere unknowingly. If they settle upon eatables or drinkable beverages, they may produce an equally harmful effect over the body. Thus, workers must strictly avoid consuming anything near a powder coating oven.

All powder coating ovens suppliers are the best people to take suggestions about ways to keep one’s powder coating oven in the most perfect shape. Their intensified connections with professional services excelling in providing oven cleaning packages can be used to ensure a safe and cost-effective maintenance of one’s powder coating oven.

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